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Hollow Guide! 
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Post Hollow Guide!
Hollow: Required level 20. Let any hollow/player kill you, an you'll be prompt with three choices choose "Become a Hollow". After becoming a Hollow you'll be given four different forms to choose from Bat, Octo, Spider, an Fishbone. Bat is given a speed boost, Octo is given constrict(Strength/Reiatsu based), Spider is given web shot(Reiatsu based), an Fishbone is given throwback(Strength based). These technique's an boost's will stay until you become an Arrancar.

    Garganta: Obtained becoming a Hollow. This allows you to open a portal. You must have 75% stamina, an less then 75% fatigue in order to open garganta.
    Devour: Obtained becomoing a Hollow. This allows you to devour wandering souls.
    First Evolution: Required levl 35 with 75 devours. You will evolve into a bigger an much stronger form of hollow.
    Reiatsu Shower: Required level 45 with First Evolution. You will learn how to form your reiatsu into a small projectile.
    Gillian: Required level 75 with 150 devours. You will evolve into a Giant Black cloacked hollow. As a Gillian you are the weakest of all Menos.
    Cero: Obtained becoming a Gillian. Shoot's a powerful projectile much stronger then reiatsu shower, this technique can only be obtained by going Gillian.
    Arrancar Evolution: Required level 75(After Gillian) with 225 devours. You will talk with Aizen in Hueco Mundo to have him transform you into an Arrancar. Your rank will now be permanent meaning if you are Gillian you can no longer obtain Adjuchas or Vasto. By becoming an Arrancar you gain power's similar to that of a Shinigami by obtaining your own Zanpakuto.
      Destructive Boost: Prompted as Arrancar. You'll be given a .3x strength, an defense boost while your weilding your Zanpakuto.
      Regernation Boost: Prompted as Arrancar. You'll be given an increase regain of stamina an heal wounds faster. (*Stacks with resurreccion)
    Hierro: Obtained becoming an Arrancar. Permanent 7.5% defense and reiryoku boost.
    Bala: Obtained becoming an Arrancar. A small projectile that be fired at a high rate of speed.
    Pesquisa: Obtained becoming an Arrancar. You'll be able to sense multiple players that are around you, that will tell there location an if their stronger or weaker.
    Grand Ray Cero: Required level 125. Your cero will become a wider an much stronger projectile.
    Resurreccion: Required level 125, 450 devours, Arrancar Evolution. This is your fianl release of your Zanpakuto.
~~Menos Ranks~~
Adjuchas: Required Gillian Evolution, level 90, 300 devours, an Kill one Menos infront of (2) others. You will transform into Grimmjow's Adjuchas form. You will automatically gain one level an 15 skill points.
Vasto Lorde: Required Adjucha Evolution, level 125, 1,000 devours, 10,000 hollow kills, an Kill one Menos infront of (9) others. You will transform into a Vasto Lorde the strongest rank of Menos. You will automatically gain three level's, 30 skill points, an 1,500 yen.

~~Resurreccion List~~
Barragan, Cirruci, Shawlong, Stark, Del Toro, Gantenbaine, Halibel, Nel, Nnoitra, Grimmjow, Szayel, Volcania, Zommari, Luppi, Ulquiorra
*Full list of details an tech's will be coming soon...

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